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The Launch

Hello all,

So we launched Mug aur Mooch at Kitsch Mandi, Bangalore on the 8th of Nov.

Mug aur Mooch is a brand that makes Creative Handmade Stationery.

Kitsch Mandi is a vibrant gathering of product designers, visual artists and indie musicians.

We were super excited for this as it was Mug aur Mooch’s first day out!

We Ubered ourselves to the venue with our stuff neatly packed in corrugated boxes.



And after setting up our stall and decorating it with lights and paper hearts we were all set.


And then it happened! As people trickled in into our stall their response completely overwhelmed us. Our stall drew a lot of curious faces who were very happy to see the gleaming colours and the skilfully crafted notebooks. The stories earned a few laughs too.


So, even though our e-commerce website is still a couple of months away and we are currently completely occupied with servicing the orders that we received on our launch day we would like to bring each of our product to you here on this website.


Starting tomorrow, we will post one of our products everyday!

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