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Sequin Notebook

As promised, we will bring you one product everyday. So here is the one for today!

Everybody likes to read old memories written years ago, unless they have really bad handwriting. Then its just like some ants crawling all over the page and no one can understand that, save the pharmacist.

For everyone else, we bring the twinkling bright, yet rustic old faithful Sequin Notebook!

Feel. Write. Experience. Reflect. Nostalgize. Imagine. Inspire. Dream. Read. Reading is Back!



Sequin Notebooks are named so after the sequins that are used along with thread on the cover to create geometrical motifs.

They come in three different colours black, white and cardboard.  And two motifs Atom and Star.



If we were into the business of selling fruits this notebook would be a Mango!

Coming soon to a website near your wallet (or Credit Card/ Netbanking / Bitcoin / Sodexo, if you can digest paper)

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