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Moody Like A Cat!


Next in line is a product that was actually made just as an experiment. But we liked it so much that it made it to the final list!

The idea was to make a book to capture one liners (read PJs).  Or thoughts that get stuck in your head.  Or inspiring quotes that you read somewhere. Or something somebody else said that is so funny that it can be quoted. We are sure you get the drift.

So without more beating around the proverbial bush, we give you the Thought Book!



Write something that makes you go tra lala la or something that makes you grumpy.

Care for others or don’t give a crap …

Just be yourself …. Moody Like A Cat!



Thought book comes in three different variants. For the other two: refresh this page after every 5 mins. Just kidding, wait till the earth takes a full circle.


(PS: Don’t write EVERYTHING that comes to your head. Seriously! Someday, someone might actually read it :P)

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