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Chirpy Like A Bird!

The next horse from Mug aur Mooch stable is actually a bird. And chirpy at that!

You know how some people are so chirpy that they make friends even with the stranger dog they meet in a park, while there are others who keep shush as if they have to pay for every word they say. Well, this book is for all such people and the ones that fall in between these extremes.

Presenting the second of our three Thought Books.


Chirpy Like A Bird with Story


Write something that you want to tell the whole world or something that you want to keep a secret. Speak your heart out or just be shushhhh!

Just be yourself … Chirpy Like A Bird!



Chirpy Bird Variants


Scribble. Jot. Scrawl. Doodle. Imagine. Inspire. Dream. Write.Writing is Back!


The third variant of Thought book can store a memory for longer than you can remember.

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