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Elephants Never Forget!

The third variant in the Thought Book series is an Elephant.

There are so many smart things that we have to say to people that we meet. But, unfortunately we don’t remember anything when we need them the most. Well this is the end of bad memory. ‘Cause elephants never forget

Ghajini already has it!

Presenting the Elephant Thought Book.


Elephants never forget


Write something that you want to remember or something that you want to forget.

Keep your thoughts forever or factory reset your brain.

Just be yourself … ELEPHANTS NE’ER FORGET.

Scribble. Jot. Scrawl. Doodle. Imagine. Inspire. Dream. Write.Writing is Back!

We almost forgot to put today’s post. But you are reading these lines, thanks to our Elly Thought Book :P Phew!

Here are all our Thought Books together.


Elephant, Cat and Bird Thought Book


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