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The Artist's Sketchbook

The next product by Mug aur Mooch is for people who imagine with hands!  Fidgeting anywhere they can.

And the proof is visible everywhere form school desks, history textbooks to street walls all over the city.

People who doodle to communicate!


Artist's Sketchbook


We observe so many things in our life, like interesting faces that strangers present or curious things children do or a three legged puppy crossing the street. For most “sane” people just a click would do but for the “crazy” artist in you who would like to doodle, we bring the

Artist’s Sketchbook

Doodle. Un-doodle. Re-doodle. Sketch. Smudge. Blend. Stand out. Draw. Drawing is back!


Artist Sketchbook inside pages


The Sketchbook comes with a tracing paper before each of the sketch sheet

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