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Amazing Artisan Bazaar at Phoenix Marketcity Mall

handmade mugaurmooch neon notebook

This weekend was real fun. Mug Aur Mooch decided to exhibit at the Phoenix Market City Mall, Whitefield. 

Artisan Bazaar

So, we packed our stuff and evaded the unforgiving Bangalore traffic to reach Phoenix all the way from Koramangala.

Phoenix is BIG. Goes as much under the ground as above it. I guess, you need to do that, probably, when you rise from the ashes. Phoenix is also long, which is good to walk unless you have a nervous bladder, for which they have a VIP Restroom :O. I wonder what the guard at the entrance says, "Please stand in queue, your urine is important to us" :P

Colourful canopies at Phoenix courtyard


Anyway, so we setup our stall amongst the beautiful colour riot of canopies, just along the courtyard. And soon set of amused eyes started pouring in. Many were curious just to know as to what we were selling. 

It was great fun to witness people's reactions after they explored the note books. The intricate hand embroidery was touched to be believed.

Gifting is back!

We realised that many of our customers who fell in love with our stuff at first sight/touch did not have the requisite purchasing power to buy it and hence had to subsequently throw a tantrum or two to be caught by their parents. Its like they earned it!  

 It was a matter of great pride to know that the tracing sheets in our Artist's Sketchbook would be protecting the creative sketching work of a 6 year old.

While we were overwhelmed by the response that we got from the generous appreciations, amused laughter or the cute curiosity, it was actually a group of young Koreans who exhausted phonetic superlatives the likes of which we had never seen before. The "oohs" and "aahs" got us all pumped up.


Stall at the stall!


All in all, it was a fun and exciting weekend filled with lots of interesting conversations and copious amount of food from Sbarro, Hunan and Ibaco!


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