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Easter Bunny is on the run!

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Easter Gifts - Mug Aur Mooch


It’s candy time. I wish milk could be switched by candy or rather that we had Easter every week. Though that’s just going to be wishful thinking.

Nevertheless, I’m going to make the most of this occasion and have lots and lots of fun this Easter. And of course I have to gift this notebook to Mom and Dad to make notes of my tiny demands :P

I think sometimes they forget that I’m there I have to cry to make my presence felt.


Easter Gifts from Mug Aur Mooch


Daddy is not as good at writing as I am. Maybe I should keep it for myself. I think it would look cooler on my desk. But maybe daddy needs something quirky on his boring desk.

Hmm….maybe I should ask Mom. Oh no! What if she wants to keep it?

I’ll have to decide this by myself.

Happy Easter from Mug Aur Mooch


It appears that a bunny is on the run. Looks like someone has gobbled away all the candies.

Style a note of your sweet memoirs this Easter with your friends and family in these colorful notebooks by Mug aur Mooch.

Do not miss this opportunity of being the Easter bunny and gifting your near and dear one ‘s this absolutely vibrant collection of notebooks by Mug aur Mooch.

By the way I like the elephant thought book. Just saying..:P

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