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Happy Mother's Day - Celebrate your memories with Mom

Mothers Day mug aur mooch

Mothers Day with Mug aur Mooch

Your mother is probably the first person who helped you to take your first few steps and also helped you learn to read and write. However old and independent one becomes, one always goes back to their mother asking for her opinion before taking an important decision.

She has helped you at every stage so that you don’t fall or tumble down. She has and will always stand by you when you experience the ups and downs of your life. She will be your guide, your mentor and your idol.

Brighten and shine your mother’s face by gifting her a diary among the varied colorful diaries of Mug Aur Mooch on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Return the colors that your mother has showered upon you all your life.

A diary could be manifesto for her to jot down the memories of her life to which one-day, she can read them, cherish and relive them again.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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