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Happy World Environment Day!

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World Environment day with Mug Aur Mooch

It’s time to go Eco friendly. You couldn’t ask for a better excuse to buy our Handmade Eco friendly brown sequin notebook than on World Environment Day. This is a perfect start to go green or rather brown with our brown sequin notebook made out of recycled corrugated boards. Explore the varied collection of Eco-friendly handmade notebooks specially curated by Mug Aur Mooch. Click here to explore.

World Environment Day with Mug Aur Mooch

Keep Calm and go Green. Celebrate World Environment Day with Mug aur Mooch’s green notebooks and diaries. This notebook is among our unique collection of specially made butterfly notebooks made out of handmade paper by Mug aur mooch.

We have these in two vibrant colours; a lively green and a soothing blue. Click here to shop these beautiful diaries. 
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