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Design Philosophy

Mug represents the reinvigorating freshness of morning coffee and Mooch represents the royal pride. Mug Aur Mooch gives a glisteningly fresh perspective to the proud Indian handicraft traditions and makes products that you just love!

We trigger your imagination with intricate geometrical patterns and lovable animal motifs. Our neon coloured pages ensure that its never a dull moment when you are writing on a Mug Aur Mooch.


Social Enterprising

We make creative stationery products skilfully handmade using India’s rich craft techniques.

Enterprising ladies of the Koramangala village drive us, displaying their specialised skills to materialise these beautiful notebooks.

So, every time you buy Mug aur Mooch, you help a family meet its aspirations.



Anushri is actually a corporate lawyer turned designer. She did her post graduation from Indian Institute of Crafts and Design (IICD). She loved making handmade stuff since she was 6.

She has explored various craft techniques with different medium.

Akshay is an IITian. He is a storyteller who has funny stories to tell about every damn thing in life. He spins a character into the most inanimate of things.







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